Book Your VIP Strategy Day with Jane Anderson

As a corporate consultant, you may have questions and need support on things that are very unique to your own business, and to the programs that you are looking to deliver. Having access to one of the top female business coaches in Australia can be hugely beneficial to drive you forward and take on any hurdles that stand in opposition. 

Your VIP Strategy Day can take hurdles and turn them into opportunities. 

I'm often asked by potential clients if they can pick my brains, or some wish I could just do the work for them!

You might need some guidance on things like:

  • Identifying your messaging, branding, positioning and communication strategy for your platform.
  • Leveraging and licensing your intellectual property
  • The best strategic plan to grow your practice for the next three to five years
  • How to become a thought leader or leading influencer and position yourself as the expert in your industry
  • How to create leads from your LinkedIn profile
  • Working out your next book to write
  • Accessing more personalised advice to craft your messages and branding
  • Hiring and training a business manager, virtual assistant or contractor
  • Advice on how to become a professional speaker
  • Insight into how to design your website for maximum return on investment
  • Advice on how to write a profitable blog for your website or LinkedIn
  • Inspiration and advice on how to stand out from the crowd in a noisy marketplace
  • How to make the transition into the thought leader's journey from a full-time job 

Your uniquely tailored VIP Day an help you take any of those problems and turn them into opportunities.

Two VIP Day Limited Options

Option 1: 1:1 VIP Strategy Days

Designed for clients who may not need a full 12-month mentoring program, but just a once-off session on a specific area of their business. These are like a vitamin B shots where you need a quick injection of advice or help or where you just want all the shortcuts.

Sessions include feedback, pricing advice and resources specific to the challenge you're having. Sessions are available face to face or virtual. Includes:


  • 4 hour 1:1 time (face to face in Brisbane or online)
  • Lifetime access to Jane's Exceptional Influence Vault
  • 3 months of support to ask any further questions

Investment: $6500+GST



Option 2: 1:1 VIP Copywriting Day Done For You

Some Corporate Consultants and Thought Leaders I work with struggle with being able to articulate their value and build the assets that are needed to launch their programs. Some find it can take weeks, months or even years to finally pull them together. In this VIP Copywriting day, you talk and I write. I write the specific collateral for your program including:

  • White paper to positioning you for your sale meetings and opt-ins
  • Program proposal document with program name, value proposition, program design and pricing
  • Landing page to market the program
  • Video script for your landing page video

Bonuses include:

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Access to Jane's Exceptional Influence Vault valued at $5000
  • 3 months of support to ask any further questions

Investment: $9500+GST

(please note this is copy only, no artwork or design included)

Timing Matters

Jane's calendar runs 8-12 months out at peak periods so don't leave it until the last minute!

If you're after some free advice, my blogs and podcasts are a great way to get underway.


What some have said:

Alena Bennett

Leadership Expert and CFO Coach


"Jane changed my life. Before working with Jane the growth of my practice was reliant on word of mouth. It was growing but there was no certainty. I had a gut feel that working with Jane was going to be the game changer I needed and boy I was right! Within 6 months I had exceeded all my (very loose) expectations and within 12 months my list increased 625% and revenue increased 222%!! 

The robustness of Jane's process and methodologies are just some of the things that makes her work so impactful. I can now be 100% confident in the value of my programs because of the guidance that Jane has provided. I can be light and detached because Jane has shared with me her repeatable processes, systems, methodologies that work - AND all wrapped up in the most generous bow possible which is the ongoing cheer squad that is Jane. I'm so grateful and can hand on heart say that if you're looking to catapult the trajectory of your practice, Jane is your go-to." 

Ally Nitschke

Courageous Leadership and Communication Expert 


Since September last year, I have experienced the biggest shifts in both money and mindset around what's possible for me and my practice. I've sold more in the last month than I have in the entire year in my business... and it was fun!"

Some key achievements in my last 9 months include:

  • Delivered an industry association presentation and achieved the goal of getting over 150 people to sign up for my newsletter and wanting more information. I have a large number of meetings booked and I've been able to increase and manage my day rate. 
  • Leaving my government job and now able to focus on your practice full time
  • List has increased 360%
  • Revenue from 19/20 - 20/21FY increased by 391%
  • 110 pieces of Thought Leadership + weekly podcast, weekly radio show,
  • Rise of the Courageous leader book written and currently with the editor
  • Several whitepapers plus multiple programs for clients. 

I'm so grateful to have the community of Joyful Selling, to be able to come back to base each week and celebrate wins, share challenges and tap into the groups' expertise to help me grow in my practice.  

Stacey Ashley

Leadership Expert


"Jane is a master of her craft. Always learning and growing so she has more to offer her tribe.

She not only knows what you need to do to become an influencer, she shares how to do it in easy steps you can take fast or slower.


Jane is incredibly generous, always looking to offer more value and wisdom.


If you need help to elevate your brand, your market positioning, your authority, your influence, then chat with Jane about how she can help. You can thank me later." 


Alison Crabb

Retail Leadership Expert


"Since working with Jane, I realised that I could be better spending my time on things such as writing the book and creating better marketing documents and collateral to sell my programs.


The positive experience each week really forces me to be accountable to do what otherwise would have been wasted. I now have new clients, I have a great LinkedIn profile, I have the right collateral, landing pages, brochures and white papers. My newsletters are all done at once and they're batched and ready to go. I also have my systems in Asana, set up effectively to bring on my first business manager and support for me.

Considering it was a year where most people had a difficult year. I'm grateful that I had a 10% increase in sales, considering it includes a quarter where I had very low revenue. I am also now about to write my second book.I am well and truly on track for 2022 to be an exceptional year! " 


Jessica Schubert

Leadership and Future of Work Expert 


"I'm so grateful for what I've learned from Joyful Selling over the last 10 months and from the ladies in the community. I'm about to finish my book, I completed collateral such as landing pages, brochures, my speaker page and I'm more focused on my day to day sales and delivery.

Not only have I been able to move from contracting to now focusing on my practice 100%, I'm working with the clients I love, I've replaced the revenue from my consulting work and have set a solid cadence for the future growth of my practice!" 


Emma McQueen

Business Coach to Female Entrepreneurs

"Jane has this amazing ability to meet you where you are at. She doesn’t make you feel silly for the questions that you are asking, she doesn’t make you feel bad for the work that you are doing, she just meets you where you are and gives you the permission to just keep doing what you need to be doing.  

A judgement free zone and a knack for patience, this woman is a force to be reckoned with (and that’s coming from me!).. Being a Go getter myself, I feel like Jane and I are a match made in heaven (not to get too soppy or anything) and I know that we will continue to work together over the coming years. When you meet “your people” you just know. And I just know.  

Thank you Jane for making this journey so much less lonely than it could have been."   

Dr Amy Silver

Business Psychologist

"Jane is one of the most inspiring and resourceful leaders I know. She has been such a wonderful mentor for my business. Working with her has meant that I have more clarity over who I am and what I could be, more certainty over how to achieve my goals and more credibility as a thought leader and service provider. She has a crystal clear strategy for success and her commercial thinking wrapped up in a down to earth and empathic style has benefited me enormously.

My business has more than doubled its value since working with her and I know she has been instrumental in enabling my brand and the structures around my business to flourish. I will always be so very grateful to have found Jane."


Sally Foley Lewis

Leadership and Productivity Expert

"I’ve been quite fortunate to be mentored by Jane over the last few years and have found her to be nurturing, but also holding you to account, which has been really cool.

We could ask anything and she's quite okay about saying, you know what, that doesn't matter right now. What you need to be doing is this and have that you look at it this way… She is a communication specialist and we're all experts in our own area of expertise. That's why we go to Jane for the communication expertise."


Dr Emily Verstege   

Digital Transformation Expert 


"I've spent 12 months working with Jane to grow my influence through a stronger personal brand. 

Jane's superpower is identifying your uniqueness and amplifying it. She will build a strong foundation and hold you accountable to the critical actions. 

Jane's commitment to my success was absolute; she saw more in me than I saw in myself. Because of working with Jane, I have been braver than I knew I could be.

I've achieved more, faster than I thought possible. If you want to be a woman of influence, you need Jane Anderson in your life!"

Kellie Tomney

Executive Coach


"If you are wanting to get traction with your business growth, lead generation and LinkedIn, there is no better person than Jane Anderson.

She is a complete Thought Leader in this space and even better, she acts and lives her recommendations and is a beautiful, generous person with it. She takes you from ideas to action super-fast!

I am in awe of Jane’s drive, willingness to share and leverage everything for impact. Jane truly connects and makes an impact. She is a world leader and an amazing, inspirational woman with it.

I recommend you connect with Jane and your business and life will be better for it!"

Amanda Blesing

Executive Coach to Female Executives

"I've used coaches extensively through my career and truly believe in the process. But when you find a coach who you really connect with it makes a big difference. 

After establishing a consultancy a few years ago, I felt my brand needed to mature to take into account the shift in my client base and my own expertise. Plus I was too close to my own material and blind to my own weak points. 

Jane was empathetic, yet effective, and her knowledge of marketing and lead generation for thought leaders and influencers is second to none.

With just a few sessions I have repositioned myself in the marketplace and created a whole new range of offerings that will enable me to have a far bigger impact. 

I'm now delighted to continue to work with Jane for the rest of the year and am looking forward to even more growth. Thank you, Jane!"

Kali Gray

Wellbeing Expert

"Working with Jane Anderson transformed my business...and my LIFE! Before working with Jane, I felt stuck and overwhelmed in my business, working long hours without hope of scaling my income. 

Jane cut through my confusion and helped me to see a much bigger game. With a rock-solid strategy, an individually tailored plan, expert resources (and a big dose of encouragement and motivation!), Jane helped me realise the full commercial potential of my practice. 

Today, I’m pinching myself! Thanks to Jane I’m getting results that I couldn’t have dreamed of being possible before working with her. I’m not just achieving my initial goals - Jane opened my mind up to achieving so much more. 

So if you’d like to elevate your brand, level up your business and get serious results, I fully recommend working with Jane Anderson today!!!" 


Jessica Ritchie

Branding and Marketing Expert

“Jane is truly gifted – it is like she channels your vision into something tangible and with absolute clarity within minutes. 

Jane has the ability to be firm as a mentor yet also perfectly balance a softness and understanding of life impacts that can occur, too.  Jane knows just how far to push you to reach your ultimate potential which therefore generates results.

She is your ultimate cheerleader in your business!” 

Amanda Stevens

Consumer Futurist and Keynote Speaker of the Year 2018

Jane Anderson is one of the most insightful, passionate and clever people when it comes to all things influence. 

She works incredibly hard to hone her craft and stay up to date with the plethora of technologies and platforms that experts have available to build their brand.

She's generous, clever and delivers immense value and presents it all in a warm, entertaining style. I'm constantly amazed at how she adapts and customises her message and content for her audiences and as a result she exceeds expectations every time."


Kathy Rees

Quality Auditing Expert

"Over a 12-month period, Jane opened my eyes up to a totally new way of looking at my brand and what I contribute in the world. Actually, she jet propelled me into a whole new stage of my business and I haven't looked back since!

She actively encouraged my book writing and to see new business opportunities.

Jane is the real deal, a total dynamo in unpacking your strengths and helping you to see completely new vistas. If you are ready for a new brand and markedly improved business outcomes, I encourage you to call her now.

You will be completely amazed!  


Sharon Francisco

Bookkeeping Business Coach

"Working with Jane Anderson has quite literally been a life-changing experience for me. It was by no means an accident I found her, I was on a deliberate path to find someone to help take me to the next level and when a half hour coffee meeting turned into a 2-hour hugely insightful strategy session I knew I had my woman.

Jane has taken my skills and sharpened them to help me get results I never thought possible, both commercially measurable and my level of belief on what is actually achievable. Jane also identified expertise I actually didn’t know I had and through the program has given me practical advice and guidance on how I can utilize this expertise. A tribe is so important for me and the people Jane attracts to her tribe are my kind people. The women are fearless and determined which is empowering on its own but with the combination of the accountability, coaching and practical guidance from Jane the results are staggering.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jane to any one of her programs, she has helped a lot of people achieve personal and commercial success and does it all with her ego intact, and gentle but firm guidance."

Tracey Mathers

Leadership, Women and Small Business Coach

"The value of my name and reputation has been passed down through generations in my family. Your personal brand and personalised experiences is what people really want to connect with, so much more than products. 

If you get the opportunity to work with Jane either on a one on one or at one of her many seminars please do, she has certainly changed the way I look at branding my business and has helped me enormously over the past 10 years with ideas to help increase sales and improve my branding.

Jane has made me realise that I have worked very hard over the last 24 years to get my name out there, and to have it respected in my industry, so therefore I should be proud to put it out there not hide it away. She is a true professional and one of the most honest, reliable and passionate woman in her industry. I would be very happy to also give a personal reference over the phone if you ever wanted to ask more questions on Jane and her work.


Belinda Brosnan

Leadership Communication Expert

"Passionate about influence, personal brand and reputation, I'm often asked by people who I'd recommend to help them with their speaking, presentation skills and online presence.

I don't even have to think about it - hands down, Jane is front of mind always and the rare expert in this area who walks the talk and is a true global thought leader.

I never hesitate to recommend her to anyone - she's the real deal, genuine, generous, hard working and loved by all who work with her."


Georgia Murch

Leadership and Team Communication Expert

"I'm so pumped after working with Jane for the past 6 months on, let's just say, seriously accelerating my brand positioning and lead generation. Jane's expertise and process has given me such pride in my positioning and complete clarity on what I need to do to grow my practice. And she is full of class, style and compassion.

It's been a real pleasure! Thanks Jane! "

Kerrin Smith

Corporate Photographer and Videographer

"Before working with Jane Anderson I was really doubting my choice to run a business. Despite having the skills and knowledge to create amazing work for my clients I just wasn't able to translate that into a successful business.

Jane has shown me how to connect with my audience in a way that suits them and builds trust. She has also shown me how to effectively nurture existing business relationships to grow my business quickly.

It's now 4 days into the new month and I have only 3 days of availability left to book in. On top of that my average sale has increased by 25% to 100%. And that is not from simply increasing prices, it's from being able to communicate with my clients on what services I can provide to them, it's educating them on what is best for their business and on how to leverage their time and investment with me."


About Your Facilitator—Jane Anderson, Business Coach, Australia

Jane Anderson is an Australian-based business coach and a strategic communications expert

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry she has worked with over 100,000 people on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands.  

Her clients include Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and BlueScope Steel. She has mentored some of the world's leading experts in their field to elevate their message, brand and practices.She has mentored some of Australia’s leading experts in their field to elevate their message, brand and practices.

Jane’s blog was recently voted in the top 10 branding blogs in Australia and in the top three branding gurus globally. 

She is the host of the iTunes podcast, The Jane Anderson Brand You Show, and has been featured in Business Insider, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Jane has also been nominated 10 times for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and is the author of eight books including her latest. Put Yourself Out There: 10 Mind Hacks to Elevate Your Presence and Increase Your Influence.

She is also an Asana Certified Pro.