Your Entire Practice's Tasks, Procedures and Projects Set Up in A Day

Stop wasting time getting your business systems and procedures out of your head and into action. 

Get traction, speed up your communication and feel more confident in your efficiency knowing where tasks and projects are up to and that they're being done!

Are you….   

  • A consultant, thought leader, speaker, trainer or coach in your industry who needs your VA or business manager to have speed and support to grow your practice? 
  • Time poor and struggling to write everything down and get it all out of your head and into a platform both you and your business manager can use?
  • Worried you're going to forget something, drop the ball or that clients will fall through the cracks?
  • A business owners or consultant who needs to understand how to get help setting up a business?

This program is designed for consultants, speakers, coaches, experts and thought leaders and/or their VA or business manager to answer the question, ‘how to get help setting up a business’. Practice in a box lets you and your team hit the ground running with tasks and projects to help you run a successful practice.

Asana Certified Pro

Jane has spent 10 years building the systems and processes for her own successful practice and previously spent five years as a consultant working for one of the world's leading productivity companies. She’s worked with multiple platforms over the years and settled on Asana as it was been by far the best and easiest to use for business growth. She wishes she had a program like this when she started!

Practice in a box helps you understand how to get help setting up a business, including setting up Asana. This program is designed to have your processes all set up within a day. It saves you countless hours (and years) and empowers your support team to start delivering on tasks and projects efficiently and effectively today!


Practice in a Box Inclusions

Set up includes checklists, project management and tasking in Asana, including: 

  • 64 Paid Keynote Speaking tasks and five templates from the time the gig is booked. Includes booking forms and payment agreements through to the post event  gifts and leads follow up.
  • 37 Unpaid Keynote Speaking tasks and four templates from the time the gig is booked through to the sales meetings and follow up.
  • 39 Virtual Keynote Speaking tasks from sound checks to sending the invoices. Also includes four templates to help your next event be smooth sailing.
  • 73 Public Training Program tasks and five templates to help the process from the time you decide to start marketing your course through to gaining feedback and follow up with participants.
  • 47 In-house Training Program tasks and five templates from the time you decide to launch your program to the time the client says, 'let's do it'.
  • 10 Book Sales tasks to help you optimise that sale. Tasks cover from tracking items in the post and using reliable couriers to following up to see if your contacts are interested in other programs.
  • 33 Public Coaching tasks from the time you decide to create and market your coaching program to the time your program finishes with testimonials.
  • 35 In-House Coaching Program tasks for coaching in-house from marketing the program through to the final session in a 12-week program.
  • 27 Self-Publishing a Book tasks, including from deciding on your title, the layout and marketing activities once published.
  • 38 Online Course Building tasks that cover everything from the idea through to selling and marketing.
  • 29 Community Management tasks that capture key community activities to keep them engaged and move them towards your next offer. 
  • 21 tasks to run a successful webcast that grows your leads and your list, and gets you access to ideal clients. This list takes the guesswork out of how to make the most of your time.
  • 12 Client Nurturing tasks that ensure you are looking after your ideal clients and staying focused on their needs. Continuing to look after those who matter is key to practice growth.
  • 16 daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual business management activities that are the routines that your business manager needs to be doing each day. From things such as checking your meeting confirmations to following up on invoice payments, keeping your practice going without you having to keep thinking of it or reminding them.
  • 22 New Team Member Onboarding tasks, including a checklist to empower your team members to do their own onboarding and get up to speed fast! 
  • 12 daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual marketing tasks. Knowing how to identify the key metrics for sales from your website is one of the most important marketing activities for an expert.

More than 500 tasks and 20 marketing and sales templates included. And all at your fingertips the moment you need them!

Take a peak to see how your Asana projects and tasks can look...


Practice In a Box

Save yourself years of time by understanding how to get help setting up your business, and have a high-performance practice management system today!

  • Briefing meeting with you and your business manager to plan the best set up for your practice
  • Set up of all above listed task templates in Asana
  • Set up of Asana Teams in line with your practice map 
  • Access to the Practice in a Box online program, including training, resources, templates and tools for you and your business manager
  • Join The "Practice in a Box" private Facebook Community, including experts and business managers using Asana and the "Practice in a Box" methodology 
  • Customisation of any tasks over the following 30 days
  • Two x one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions with your business manager and/or expert
  • Access to the live monthly "High Performance Practice" mini-masterclass, perfect to discuss any challenges you're having and learn about new features
  • Access to the Influencer Indicator to identify your marketing and lead generation key activities for growth
  • Unlimited trouble-shooting support by reaching out to Jane and her team any time for 1:1 help in the following 90 days
  • Bonus: Set up of Slack and Memo Mailer to create ultra-high performance communication in your practice!

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6-Month Payment Plan



About Your Facilitator—Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson is a strategic communications expert and an expert on working with clients to understand how to get help setting up their business

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry she's worked with over 100,000 people on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands.  

Her clients have included Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy. She has mentored some of the world's leading experts in their field to elevate their message, brand and practices.

Jane’s blog was recently voted in the top 10 branding blogs in Australia and she's been in the top three branding gurus globally. 

She is the host of the iTunes podcast, The Jane Anderson Brand You Show, and has been featured in Business Insider, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.  

Jane has been nominated 10 times for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and is the author of eight books including her latest. Put Yourself Out There: 10 Mind Hacks to Elevate Your Presence and Increase Your Influence.  

She is also an Asana Certified Pro.

Get in touch with Jane and her team to find out how to get help setting up a business with Practice in a Box!

What Practice in the Box Participants Have Said:

Alena Bennett

Leadership Development and High Performance Coach

"Before implementing "Practice in a Box" my business manager and I had begun working together, however I had some big programs I wanted to launch and deliver so I really needed the systems to ensure we didn't drop any balls and deliver on all the promises I was making to my clients.

As a result of implementing "Practice in a Box" my Business Manager and I now have all the tasks out of my head, she is empowered to take all the actions needed for the programs we have, I don't need to continually follow up, we're more cohesive in our communication and the best news is my signature program has almost sold out and launched without a hitch!

I'm well aware of how many years and headaches this program has saved and can recommend it to anyone thinking about setting up their practice for success".

Joanne Love

High Performance Expert

"The simplicity and thoroughness of the information in the projects and tasks meant that there wasn't a process left out that our new Business Manager didn't know how to do. I was able to leave my Business Manager to do the work that needed to be done knowing that the structured process was there for her to learn. Even if she didn't know how to do something there was a video on how to do it. I can't believe how long I've run my business without it. Every single expert and thought leader needs their "Practice in a Box" to help their practice grow faster."

Alison Crabb

Retail Leadership Expert

"I believe the most important aspect was that it saved a significant amount of time because the systems were already in place. I was especially nervous because I was about to hire a new Business Manager. It was the ideal moment. But even if you weren't, I think I've learned from previous experience with Asana and having everything set up that there's a lot to remember, a lot to analyze, and a lot of things can slip through the cracks. It's fine if you only have a small client base, but if you want to expand, you can't operate that way, especially if you have programs that you deliver on a regular basis. It was insane to keep reinventing the wheel, in my opinion.

It helped me save a lot of time. Not only that, but I believe it provides a better client experience because of consistency."