Are you a Subject Matter Expert or Trusted Advisor in your industry on track to earning $500k+ this year?

Need more leverage with your message to skyrocket your leads, increase your revenue and visibility?

Almost all high achievers in society have coaches to guide them, encourage them and help them make the most of their potential.   


Have you noticed:

  • You have great content, thinking and expertise but you are not being able to access the right clients?
  • Your thought leadership is not being leveraged effectively and you don't know what to do next?
  • You need a social media tribe building strategy for you and your support team.
  • You're struggling to get more participants to your events.
  • You're really talented at what you do. Not necessarily great at marketing and selling yourself. You struggle to find the balance between humility and standing out from the crowd.
  • You find it hard to know what to focus on for lead generation. You have colleagues and friends saying things like "build your list, create an online course, start a blog or speak at events". So you're trying everything, but you now feel spread too thin, not achieving sales and frustrated, perhaps resigning yourself to being an employee or contractor.


I’ve noticed things change when you have a coach who has been there before and can give you a healthy dose of “do this next.” Some of the world’s greatest business people have said they have had great mentors and coaches who can keep them accountable, bounce ideas off and understand the challenges they're facing. I’m all about results and outcomes.  

Don’t get me wrong, I like a laugh! But if you’re feeling like you’ve done your apprenticeship and want to get this show on the road, let’s do it!

In this Intensive Program, you will:

  • Learn the methodology to deliver programs that are increasing your revenue by at least $500,000 per year to your practice.
  • Uncover how to build over 15,000 followers on your social media, a database of ideal clients and a lead generation plan to grow your business.
  • Achieve at least 3200 on your database of ideal clients and an open rate of 40%. This is the ideal number to grow your practice with full momentum.
  • Identify your Unique Value Proposition to position and market your expertise effectively.
  • Have a powerful social media strategy to be your Industry Influencer.
  • Level up your branding with new logo, identity and style guide for your practice.
  • Identify how to market yourself to speak at events in front of your ideal clients and sell from the stage.
  • Be positioned as a respected expert in your field to increase leads, work with your ideal clients and deliver the programs you want to deliver rather than those you feel like you need to pay the bills.
  • Amplify your profile to create security for your own business and access new revenue streams.

So this Expert to Influencer Intensive is ideal for you if;

  • You're a Consultant and on track to earn $500,000+ this year trying to remove the lumpiness and stress of sporadic income that creates the rollercoaster and stressful lifestyle of cashflow pressure
  • You have a Business Manager who can support you as part of this growth program and implement the strategies I recommend.  You may qualify if you don't have a business manager so we'll need to discuss before getting started.
  • Need a lead generation system to grow your practice including social media, newsletters, sales calls, blogging and database management. Ideally you have someone on your team managing this, rather than you
  • Have the commitment to do the work and just need a plan, some support and accountability.You're ready to write your book, you're just not sure what the best book would be to write based on what you're trying to create.
  • You need a social media strategy and to prioritise and better manage social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • You need a comprehensive content plan that maximises your productivity, thought leadership and reduces wasting time on the wrong activities that don't work.
  • You want to learn how to get paid speaking events but unsure how to acquire them.
  • You’re sick of wasting your money on people who don’t understand you and your business.
  • You're considering licensing and other models of leveraging you and your IP.
  • You want a specific measurable way to identify the business growth gaps in your practice.


Not ideal for you if;

  • Your revenue is under $100,000 per year
  • You don't have list
  • You want me to do the work for you.
  • You’re not passionate and inspired to achieve results.
  • You don't want to write a book.
  • You don't have a Business Manager working for you.

1. Branding

Those who are branded well meet the promise that they will deliver to their clients. They inspire trust and create a deep connection with those they wish to support. They are able to inspire and motivate others through education and effective communication. There are three key elements to successful BRANDING are:

  • Positioning you in your expertise and uniqueness. Being known for your expertise and what differentiates you is key to leveraging the value you bring. Without knowing what this is you’ll be a jack of all trades and master of none. Instead of attracting ideal clients you’ll repel them. This is the foundation and without it, nothing else works for growing your practice.
  • Ideal client/s who will buy you. You might be able to help everyone, but that is not going to help you grow your practice. Knowing your ideal client inside out and back to front is key. Once you identify this client suddenly their world appears as you connect with their problems and fears, ultimately helping them to understand that they can trust you and you can help them.
  • Your offer, pricing and how you help clients. Being able to put together your remit of programs, services and offers for clients effectively will allow them to be able to access you easily. It also increases your value and relevance to their world and their challenges they need solving. Pricing is also a big part of your branding. If you saw a Louis Vuitton handbag for $50 you might think it’s a fake, right? Being able to price your offer effectively is absolutely key to your growth.

2. Marketing

Righto, so once you know who you are, what you do and how you help it’s time to really start getting that message out there! Clients don’t magically appear, it’s up to you to promote what you do, find the right clients and show them how you can help. An effective lead-generation strategy will help you find new leads and clients. This isn’t about “hustling” people. The three elements of MARKETING are:

  • Communication strategy. You can’t sell a secret, but you need to have something to say without being noisy or boastful. Your communication strategy needs to help your customer get closer to making a decision. Research tells us that 90% of a decision is made before a customer gets in contact with you, and 10 pieces of content are consulted before that decision is made.
  • List building activities:  Your tribe, along with your IP is the most valuable asset you will ever own in your practice. It’s not just about having a social media following of thousands, it’s about having a list of people who love you and what you do. They know, like and trust you. Without them, you become commoditised and rely on people finding you in search engines and you end up competing on price.
  • Get known. There’s no use hibernating, you have to build your profile to build trust. This isn’t about being a celebrity but it’s about being known as a leader in your industry and one of the best in your field. Speaking at events, sharing your message and positioning you means you are top of mind when journalists, event planners, conference organisers and potential clients ask “who is the guru at that?”.

3. Selling

At the end of the day you can do branding and marketing until the cows come home, but if you can’t sell you won’t have a practice! The key is not necessarily selling to everyone, but being able to sell effectively. One of the things we’re often most challenged with is having the confidence to have those conversations. Many women say they just want to replace their income they were earning in their job. The reality is that you need to earn almost 4 times that salary as you now have superannuation, tax, expenses and your salary to generate. The three key aspects to SELLING include:

  • Revenue targets. When you have a lead-generation strategy, your income will increase. But you also need to have a sales target. Know what you want to earn and create a strategy that details the exact steps you need to take to achieve that figure.
  • Confidence. Many women say, “I’ll sell more when my confidence picks up”. Yet the longer we wait for confidence to come and find you your sales and market share are dwindling. Confidence comes from having the courage to have a plan, take the right first steps and a day at a time.
  • Collaterals. Customers need 10 touch points to be persuaded to work with you. They need to see evidence of what you’re doing and that you can communicate that effectively. Powerful collaterals set you apart and build trust in your client that you can deliver and do an amazing job to help them achieve their goals.

The Practice Growth Model demonstrates how these three key areas overlap and work together to grow your business:

At the intersection of Leadership and Leverage, you have the ability to amplify your area of expertise – through your thought leadership, use of time, your team and positioning. This is called platform.

At the intersection of Leverage and Lead Generation, you increase your sales. By leveraging your team’s skills and prioritising your time, you can focus on using your positioning to reach a bigger audience and generate sales.

At the intersection of Leadership and Lead Generation, you can focus on industry leadership and innovation to drive up your pricing. Effectively managing your business practice means you can spend more time contributing to your industry and bringing greater results for your clients, which leads to greater profits.

So, if you’re concerned your business isn’t growing as it should, don’t simply throw your hands up in the air. By focusing on Leadership, Leverage and Lead Generation, you can see what steps you need to take to make your Influencer business a profitable and sustainable one.

The Expert to Influencer 12 Month Intensive Coaching program includes:

  • 1 personal one-on-one 3-hour strategic business planning session with Jane, debriefing your Lead Generation Indicator report and designing the 12-month Marketing, Sales and Business Growth strategy. (valued at $7,500)
  • 12 x 1.5-hour monthly coaching sessions  to track progress and provide feedback (valued at $36,000)
  • Before, during and after tracking of your Expert to Influencer score to identify progress in your growth and milestones (valued at $1500).
  • Lead Generation plan for speaking events strategy (valued at $2,000)
  • Access to the Expert to Influencer online Curriculum including Cut-Through Collateral, Catalyst Content, LinkedIn for Lead Generation, Big Deals and Expert to Influencer Marketing resources, templates and tools (valued at $5000)
  • Access to the Expert to Influencer Program dashboard to measure and track your progress with the key metrics for growth (valued at $2000)
  • Access to Jane's team for any technical support (valued at $2000)
  • SOS calls emails or texts for urgent help and questions between sessions to Jane's team ($2000).



  • Practice in a Box: Set up of Asana project and task management system and document templates for all programs including speaking, training, coaching and authoring with 3 coaching sessions for you and your Business Manager (valued at $7000)
  • Set up of Active Campaign to create the sales and marketing platform for your practice (valued at $1500)
  • 12 months access to Jane's VIP Clients private Facebook Group and community with webinars, knowledge base and resource to grow your practice (valued at $1000) 

Total value: over $67,000

Program investment is $25,000+GST over 12 months

Applications are being taken for 2022.

To apply contact us here.
The program will be completely tailored to your needs so no matter where you are right now, we can start there. Here are the areas we’ll be working on:

Product U. What is your positioning?  Whatever it is, you need to stand out from the crowd and be the best in your field.  Here we will look at some business planning, focus, and test if what you want to do is viable. We will also consider how to refine your positioning and best way to market your organisation through you. We'll work together on your thought leadership, unpack your IP and create the plan for your blog and book.

The right support and accountability. You only have so many hours in the day and you can’t do everything. The key is getting the right support to help you when you need it. I’ll work with you and your EA on how to how to integrate your Thought Leadership into your habits and routines to ensure you have the best support available to you. We will have a weekly call in meetings to assess your progress and help you stay focused on the right activities each week.

Marketing Brand You. An overview of social media strategy (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), web design, graphic design, marketing collateral, newsletter systems, and blogs. Create your WHY and stories, learning where to put it in your marketing and offerings. I'll also cover what you can outsource overseas versus what is better to use local support.

Keeping it going. We’re going to cover what you need to do to keep it going in the long term. At this point you may choose to work with me again for more advanced coaching or you may feel like you got what you needed and you’re all good! The choice is yours and you can always come back to another program at any time.

Your Facilitator:

Jane Anderson is a Strategic Communications expert

With over 20 years’ experience in she has worked with over 50,000 people on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands.  

Her clients include Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy. She is on faculty in Thought Leaders Business School, mentoring some of Australia’s leading experts in their field. 

Jane’s blog was recently voted in the top 10 branding blogs in Australia and in the top 30 branding gurus globally. 

She is the host of the iTunes podcast "The Jane Anderson Brand You Show" and has been featured in Business Insider, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.  

Jane has been nominated thrice for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and the author of five books including her latest “EXPERT to INFLUENCER: 12 Key Skills to Attract New Clients, Increase Sales and Leverage your Personal Brand to Become an Industry Leader.”  

What some have said:

Matt Church

Founder Thought Leaders Business School | Top 10 speakers globally

"Jane is an extraordinary thought leader. Her work on presence and impact helps us stay real and connected in a crazy online world. Jane is the real deal, her work is measured and substantial."

Dr. Emily Verstege

Mentee | Customer Experience Expert | Speaker | Author | Mentor

"I've spent 12 months working with Jane to grow my influence through a stronger personal brand. Jane's superpower is identifying your uniqueness and amplifying it. She will build a strong foundation and hold you accountable to the critical actions. Jane's commitment to my success was absolute; she saw more in me than I saw in myself. Because of working with Jane, I have been braver than I knew I could be. I've achieved more, faster than I thought possible. If you want to be a woman of influence, you need Jane Anderson in your life!"

Dr. Amy Silver

Speaker | Author | Mentor

"Jane is one of the most inspiring and resourceful leaders I know. She has been such a wonderful mentor for my business. Working with her has meant that I have more clarity over who I am and what I could be, more certainty over how to achieve my goals and more credibility as a thought leader and service provider. She has a crystal clear strategy for success and her commercial thinking wrapped up in a down to earth and empathic style has benefited me enormously. My business has more than doubled its value since working with her and I know she has been instrumental in enabling my brand and the structures around my business to flourish. I will always be so very grateful to have found Jane."

Amanda Blesing

Helping women into the C-suite - Mentor & Expert in Visibility for Women in Leadership | Talent Development & Career

"I've used coaches extensively through my career and truly believe in the process. But when you find a coach who you really connect with it makes a big difference. After establishing a consultancy a few years ago, I felt my brand needed to mature to take into account the shift in my client base and my own expertise. Plus I was too close to my own material and blind to my own weak points. Jane was empathetic, yet effective, and her knowledge of marketing and lead generation for thought leaders and influencers is second to none. With just a few sessions I have repositioned myself in the marketplace and created a whole new range of offerings that will enable me to have a far bigger impact. I'm now delighted to continue to work with Jane for the rest of the year and am looking forward to even more growth. Thank you, Jane!"

Kerrin Smith

Corporate Photographer and Videographer

"Before working with Jane Anderson I was really doubting my choice to run a business. Despite having the skills and knowledge to create amazing work for my clients I just wasn't able to translate that into a successful business. Jane has shown me how to connect with my audience in a way that suits them and builds trust. She has also shown me how to effectively nurture existing business relationships to grow my business quickly.

It's now 4 days into the new month and I have only 3 days of availability left to book in. On top of that my average sale has increased by 25% to 100%. And that is not from simply increasing prices, it's from being able to communicate with my clients on what services I can provide to them, it's educating them on what is best for their business and on how to leverage their time and investment with me."

Alena Bennett

Leadership Expert and CFO Coach


"Jane changed my life. Before working with Jane the growth of my practice was reliant on word of mouth. It was growing but there was no certainty. I had a gut feel that working with Jane was going to be the game changer I needed and boy I was right! Within 6 months I had exceeded all my (very loose) expectations and within 12 months my list increased 625% and revenue increased 222%!!

The robustness of Jane's process and methodologies are just some of the things that makes her work so impactful. I can now be 100% confident in the value of my programs because of the guidance that Jane has provided. I can be light and detached because Jane has shared with me her repeatable processes, systems, methodologies that work - AND all wrapped up in the most generous bow possible which is the ongoing cheer squad that is Jane. I'm so grateful and can hand on heart say that if you're looking to catapult the trajectory of your practice, Jane is your go-to."


Donna McGeorge

The Productivity Coach | Best selling author | Work Smarter | Time Management | Trainer | Facilitator | Keynote Speaker


"I have known Jane for over 5 years, and whilst I had worked with her 1:1 as my coach and mentor, this was the first time I had used her as a speaker for an event. Jane is a consummate professional, showing up well on time and fully prepared.

She is generous with her material providing extraordinary value for the time she is in on stage. She builds a great relationship with the group, and has them engaged and participating from the moment she begins.

Anecdotal feedback immediately after the event was that she provided great tools, tips and things to think about for leaders wanting to grow their presence and positioning within an organisation."


Georgia Murch

Founder of | Best selling Author | Speaker | Facilitator

"I'm so pumped after working with Jane for the past 6 months on, let's just say, seriously accelerating my brand positioning and lead generation. Jane's expertise and process have given me such pride in my positioning and complete clarity on what I need to do to grow my practice. And she is full of class, style, and compassion. It's been a real pleasure! Thanks, Jane."

Anton Van der Walt

Leadership and HR Expert | CEO and Co-Founder ROIDEA | Speaker | Author | Mentor

"I have been in the process of being mentored by Jane Anderson since June 2017. Jane is helping me to establish my brand, and to become an influencer in my field. I have never ever experienced such dedication, compassion, caring and above all - a more authentic person in my career. I'm sure we know this - but it is always good to remind ourselves of the real angels in our midst ..."

Cameron Schwab

CEO | Leadership Mentor | Writer | Leadership Storyteller | Artist

"I was fortunate to recently spend time with Jane. The result, both a vision and a structured plan for how I can subtly shift my personal brand to represent more than 'another ex-footy bloke' context and something true to who I am, and the core message of my leadership keynote (and personal trademark) 'Finding Something'. Importantly, in taking a couple of steps sideways, I do not lose the value of a lifetime leading in high-performance environments. Up to me now. Seriously grateful Jane. In the words of the great Molly Meldrum, 'Do yourself a favour!'

Peter Cook

Author – Mentor

"I love Jane’s work, and I love who she is as a person. She takes her own medicine – her profile is ranked in the top 1% of LinkedIn worldwide, and Feedspot recently rated her blog at #23 in the top 100 most influential branding blogs globally. She’s my go-to person for any thought leader who needs to improve their brand and needs to get in front of people in a new market. She’s also the person who supports me around my profile and branding – I feel very fortunate to be her client. More than that, she’s an inspiring person who is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she the best in Australia at what she does, she’s generous, straight, and brings joy to her work."

Nick Barnsdall

Investor | Successful Serial Entrepreneur | Author | Mentor


"Jane is a master in the art of communication, she has been a key component in the development  of my key messaging and ongoing improvement of my public speaking/keynote competency which has helped me reach my audience on a deeper and more meaningful level.”


Applications are being taken for 2022.

To apply contact us here.