The 14 Pieces of Collateral to Double the Growth of Your Practice

Are you….  

✓ An expert, consultant, coach, speaker, business owner, thought leader or business manager for an expert? Know you need to create more collateral but can’t seem to find the time?  

✓ Struggling to create collateral quickly because you fear it’s not good enough and find yourself procrastinating over it?  

✓ Tired of feeling guilty that you're not creating enough collateral and keep telling yourself you'll get to it or have mad rushes at the last minute?

The ability to generate not just collateral, but meaningful collateral that is clear, has cut-through and connection with your audience is key to your business growth. Your collaterals are the assets you need to build to create a thriving infopreneur practice.  

All the Practical Advice, Templates and Examples You Need to Create Cut-Through Collateral to Grow Your Practice


Key collateral that you will create are:

Module 1: COPY: Create a persuasive website landing page for your program

Module 2: CUT-THROUGH the noise and set yourself up for positioning with a professional whitepaper 

Module 3: CONNECT: Create a LInkedIn Profile that Generates at lead 10 leads each day.

Module 4: COMMUNICATE: Create a newsletter with a 40% open rate

Module 5: CONVERT: Create a sales brochure that closes sales.

Module 6: COMMUNITY: Decide on the right CRM for your practice and build your tribe

Module 7:  CAPTIVATE: The 4 Stories every expert needs to tell

MODULE 8: COMPOSE: Write a 10,000 word book in 3 hours

MODULE 9: CREDIBILITY: Write a powerful "About You Page"

Module 10: CUSTOMER: Set up your "Google My Business" Page

Module 11: KEYNOTE KIT: Design your speaker kit and website landing page 

Module 12: CONVERSATIONS: Have sales meetings that close and grow your practice

Module 13: CLEAR THE CLUTTER: Create a high performance calendar and filing system

Module 14: CURE: Create a diagnostic that creates powerful insights and solves customer problems

The collaterals you create may be used for:



Social Media



Your next book



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Your Facilitator:

Jane Anderson is a Strategic Communications expert

With over 20 years’ experience in she has worked with over 100,000 people on building more trust and influence in their businesses and brands.  

Her clients include Virgin Australia, Lego, Ikea, Rio Tinto and Origin Energy. 

Jane’s blog was recently voted in the top 10 branding blogs in Australia and in the top 3 branding gurus globally. 

She is the host of the iTunes podcast "The Jane Anderson Brand You Show" and has been featured in Business Insider, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.  

Jane has been nominated thrice for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and the author of seven books on building your personal brand, marketing and sales.

What some have said:

I've spent 12 months working with Jane to grow my influence through a stronger personal brand. Jane's superpower is identifying your uniqueness and amplifying it. She will build a strong foundation and hold you accountable to the critical actions. Jane's commitment to my success was absolute; she saw more in me than I saw in myself. Because of working with Jane, I have been braver than I knew I could be. I've achieved more, faster than I thought possible. If you want to be a woman of influence, you need Jane Anderson in your life!"

Dr. Emily Verstege 

Customer Experience Expert


"Within four weeks of making a couple of modest tweaks, Jane Anderson’s advice led to me increasing online revenue by more than 10x! Simple, clear, direct strategies that increase impact and influence.”

Dr. Justin Coulson

Parenting Expert

"The best thing I got out of Jane's session was the understanding of how to review an Expert's business and adding value through the Lead Generation plan. Also having Jane's generously gifted tools to bring this into effect."

Kellie Tomney

Leadership Expert  


"I've used coaches extensively through my career and truly believe in the process. But when you find a coach who you really connect with it makes a big difference. 

After establishing a consultancy a few years ago, I felt my brand needed to mature to take into account the shift in my client base and my own expertise. Plus I was too close to my own material and blind to my own weak points. 

Jane was empathetic, yet effective, and her knowledge of marketing and lead generation for thought leaders and influencers is second to none. 

With just a few sessions I have repositioned myself in the marketplace and created a whole new range of offerings that will enable me to have a far bigger impact. I'm now delighted to continue to work with Jane for the rest of the year and am looking forward to even more growth. Thank you, Jane!"

Amanda Blesing 

Leadership Expert


"I have been in the process of being mentored by Jane Anderson since June 2017. Jane is helping me to establish my brand, and to become an influencer in my field. I have never ever experienced such dedication, compassion, caring and above all - a more authentic person in my career. I'm sure we know this - but it is always good to remind ourselves of the real angels in our midst ..."

Anton van der Walt 

Leadership Expert


"Jane is one of the most inspiring and resourceful leaders I know. She has been such a wonderful mentor for my business. Working with her has meant that I have more clarity over who I am and what I could be, more certainty over how to achieve my goals and more credibility as a thought leader and service provider. She has a crystal clear strategy for success and her commercial thinking wrapped up in a down to earth and empathic style has benefited me enormously. 

My business has more than doubled its value since working with her and I know she has been instrumental in enabling my brand and the structures around my business to flourish. I will always be so very grateful to have found Jane."  

Dr. Amy Silver

Interpersonal Safety Expert

"Thank you, Jane and team, love your work!

The Cut Through Collaterals program was incredibly valuable for me to create a strong and sustainable foundation by which to expand my business.

Until now I have been very organic and intuitive in my business approach but very much believe. “What got you here won’t get you there."

I now feel very secure in having these powerful collaterals in place to take my business and brand to the next level and beyond.

Janes expertise, insight and kindness is very valuable and much appreciated."

Jessica Giles

Accountant | Money Coach

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